Amour, Amour

September 29, 2009
Come hide from the storm;
Safe from the violent breeze
Rest my love;Let us sail the
Seven seas

Let the journey begin as
Egyptian cotton waves crash
Against your vanilla skin

The beat of the rain,the song of the wind its playing all the same;
take in whats all around us let love replace your name

Lay your head on the clouds;and wake to the chorus of the birds,
may you greet the morning star;
our eyes can handle talking, let us lock away our words

Allow the sky to gently mourn,
as we ignore the time,
allow the wind to howl and leave your hand grasping mine

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cree8ive said...
Oct. 16, 2009 at 12:14 pm
really beautiful! i love your use of imagery and word choice. the one thing that confused me was the its in the first line of the 3rd stanza. was that supposed to be the contraction it's? if you have any comments for my work, they would be greatly appreciated!
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