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September 29, 2009
Dear Ipod,
you're the sh**.
After a bad day,
I just hit play
and forget.
You never quit
beause I keep you charged.
Whether i run or sit,
you're always in my ear.
I'd be willing to admitt
you are my best friend.
The words these artists spit
clears my head
when it's about to split.
I'll kepp you around
in your favorite place, my pocket.
You're my prized possesion.
Though your content
may change, my love for you wont.
When you're sick,
I'll charge you.
Forever in my hand, I'll hold you.
No matter what you do,
Turn off when i tell you not to,
You're my rescue.
You got my name on the back too.
Get a clue,
Ipod, i totally love you.

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