Spiritual Kingdom

October 7, 2009
Sound waves of the rhythmic drum beat
navigating me to my freedom land
where spirits unite with magical hands
that tranquilize my mind
evoking the tsunami of downcast emotion
as the euphoric tides collide against
the gossamer ocean shore while seagulls
nip and peck and feed on
the emotion

Give me the map to ideal magnitude of persuasions
perfect revelation of generated relaxation,
soothing nervous veins intertwined in my body
while paints of my imagination
color a self portrait on a smooth canvas

And electric pulses are only
pawns that I render through collective
vibrations of the hollow aquifer
trembling my senses

I'm not talking about in heaven with God
but a peaceful sanctuary with only me,
my thoughts, and my mind
where dreams unplug my intellectual energy
from the brutality of reality
filled to the brim with
meaningless mentalities
forever messing with my adolescent
view of redemption from God

Bring me to my kingdom!
Where my eyes see luminous thoughts
and my mind is my partner in crime.
I can control the flow of the tides, the direction of the wind
and I can drench my body in sweet thought all day long.
Nothing even matters when I reflect upon
stolen moments in my spiritual kingdom
where I am ruler.

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