Gasps of the Fire

October 7, 2009
Kindle the flames
of the fire
till it's immense,
adequate to foster the embryo
of hate
developing in the cradle
of the womb.

Hate like breathing embers
in a shadowed pit,
coalesce into the luminous blaze
as the flame's
vengeance scorches
the flesh of hate.

Heat perspired
from the flames
breathe onto
the skin
eliminating elements of hate
in the soul
as sparks cry for mercy.

Pacify the tears
of the crying infant Liberty
eager for the touch
of the higher power
to soothe its pain.

Glaze the graveyard
of terror;
with the fuel of bravery
till it's immense,
enough to be fearless.

Sing a placid melody
to oppose the hate
pain, terror,
the fears.

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