downward falling

October 7, 2009
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the tugging feeling pulls me under,
downward i fall to a bottomless pit.

now words of hope are formed,
no escape if found.

downward falling,
into complete oblivion,
is what i fall into.

ive walked in light for so long,
somehow the darkness is comforting,
and the shawdows bring silence.

so many things have brought me here,
here to the downward falling.

where did i go?
and when did i loose myself?

in this botomless pit of complete darkness,
im left with nothing,
my body lies still,
but with no soul it contains.

for i have lost myself,
without any signs or symtoms.

continuing to fall downward,
my life flies past,
or what used to be my life.

faced with questions of uncertainty,
of where im falling to,
or what happens now.

the silence stops,
and the whispers in the darkness begin.

falling in a downward spiral,
my new life is born,
in a place of uncertainty,
in a place of darkness,
my new life is born.

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