October 7, 2009
By Allegra SILVER, Seattle, Washington
Allegra SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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for you i think i would change
i would change the way i do my brown locks of hair
i would dress with just a little more of my olive skin showing then i'm used to
i would guard my natural laugh that loves to dance it's way to your ears and replace it with something more feathery
i would bat my long black eyelashes up at you slowly and ask you for the answer even though i already know it
i would immerse myself in your hobbies and dreams so deeply that my own would become the new homes for the ancient dust bunnies under my bed
i would be willing to settle on whatever as long as you rewarded me with a smile in the end

so you see?
for you i think i would change but...i know i won't
because if i can't hold, cherish, and caress that treasure called love
with my own hands
and if i can't examine it with my own eyes
and if i can't judge it with my own thoughts
then i guess i'll just wait for the seas of life to bring me another treasure under the name of love

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