it might have been a falling star

October 7, 2009
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Parched hands lay open, fingers twitching
Don’t touch my face, smooth the falling tear
That trails so heavily over my cheekbone
Glass veined through
With fire, clawing
Red and real
That silent tear could crush it all
So please don’t touch my face

But things look different when your eyes are closed
The water, the boulder that shadows your eyelash
Could be beautiful
It might have been a falling star
That trembles now at the edge of my jaw
Let it leap from bone to neck
If I open my eyes, the star will disappear

Long after the star trekked silent across my glass face
Opaque glass
My cloud eyes closed, my
Fire skin still searching for that feather light feel
Of a moving light
The star that never made it to my heart
I think I’ll let another one fall

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roxamania96 said...
Oct. 29, 2009 at 4:34 pm
Yeow girl! This is awesome! It's just beautiful! I love the language that you used! You're amazing!
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