Memory Holes.

October 7, 2009
By Anonymous

time takes transcending light
fills the holes up in my summer memory--
tanned the skin of you and I
before we knew, just how September
is the Monday of months
we gripped the railing, we gripped our hands
the ocean was a calm blue backdrop
of everything that I remember now.
exploring places I’ve grown up with
that I’ve never discovered until my days with you
we squeeze the night to make it blue
if there was a time portal inside my heart
what would it take, to make it start?
my hair in your face, your lips on my eyelids
how long will it take? before they are memoirs?
will you forget the nights by the shore?
taking little pieces, but finding no more?
they twist inside of me and bulge-
because you’re telling me it’s getting too hard--
to fight the time bomb that fall sent to us
us-- how much longer will it be?
remember the day, we held each other--
the atlantic--
I told you it was like a movie,
even though I’ve never been a romantic
now a’days the sea looks tired
has the starry cast upon us--
been expired?
the days we stretched, tossed in the sun
as I collect my thoughts-
one by one
will spring wash them away with a rain
from the heavens?
since what sort of game has to do with forgetting?
will I fall short of the days by the sea?
when winter rolls in, will you tumble away from me?

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