Love's tease

October 7, 2009
Why couldn't I keep my mouth shut, just let it all stay in.
The words, the feelings, everything keep as my secret sin.
Jealousy, hatred, the emotions to which I'm prone.
No longer would it stay in, all my thoughts now known.

My unrequited love, for which my broken heart now weeps.
My uncontrollable rage, for which my jealous mind still keeps.
The tears that sting my eyes and bring me to my knees.
Still linger in my sadness as my joy flees.

In my heart forever, you will always be.
My one I love the most, over everyone I see.
I cannot stop my feelings though they cannot be returned.
I cannot stop the wishing that your heart one day may learn.

I will always be here, through heaven and through hell.
For I'm here to protect you, I've caught you every time you've fell.
My heart is always open for you to hide inside
For however many times it's been broken, my love has never died.

Here's my heart, please take it, it belongs to you.
I just couldn't help it, my love I couldn't subdue.
You'll always be the one for which those three words come with ease.
I Love You means everything but from you it's just a tease.

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ninian said...
Oct. 16, 2009 at 10:29 am
i love it its really deep and has great rhyming
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