no longer exist

October 7, 2009
By , Far Rockaway, NY
it's when you wake up
in the morning,
and then you wonder
why the hell am i still

or when you look up the sky
and see nothing
but dark
gray sky

it's when your own loneliness
pierces trough your heart
changing every cell of it
change it into nothing
but an empty space

untill you feel nothing,
but nothing

when your soul vanish
and you are no capable of seeing
but empty
nor can you hear
or speak

for your soul
no longer

it's like walking down
a sheet of snow
no trees. no land

nothing but cold
hard. Snow

Thought you are there
YOU are,
but you can't touch it,
nor see it, or hear it
not even feel it

for your soul,
no longer exist

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