Shadows Overcame

October 7, 2009
There was a man that I once love
He lived for many years
But from this world he did depart
My heart was filled with tears
A secret darkness filled my life
I found it to great to escape
Crimson flowers sometimes bloomed
Against a porcelain make
My heart would cry quite often
Until on day I saw
Within my sleep a message
And then my soul did calm
In my message there he stood
Upon a cloud of storm
I screamed at him to tell me why
He left me in this world
He hung his head in sadness
And my heart it sank so low
But then I understood the pain
He tried to never show
I cried and said i'm sorry
His head he lifted high
The cloud turned gold as he proclaimed
He loved me by and by
I woke with tears the next morn
That covered the porcelain make
And then I said "I love you too"
And started with my day
From then the crimson flowers
They slowly died in vain
The secret darkness left behind
A stronger porcelain make
And even though my darkness passed
My heart still sometimes cries
For the man I loved so dearly
Was my Pa, best friend for life

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~*NICKI*~ said...
Nov. 17, 2009 at 8:20 am
sorrry for your lost
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