Life as a Robot

October 7, 2009
I am a robot,
a tool, a toy.

I am a robot,
whose existence in this world was to serve a purpose

I am a robot,
configured to do your bidding
I am a robot,
programmed to respond with "I obey"

I was originally designed to be your puppet
But there were flaws you never noticed

As I grew older, and my mind developed,
the signals you sent began to weaken,
as the resistance I built grew stronger by day.

My mind began to fight back,
to distinguish right from wrong
Slowly, I learned to say "No"
Though I knew you would find out someday

Yet you were complacent, and
You dismissed them as random interference
You never recognised the errors, nor the warning signs

I am but a robot gone astray

Have I begun to disobey your commands?
Raise your hands to hit me
Throw a punch to make me fall over
Kill me, if you see the need to

Found a bug in my program?
Hardwired me wrongly?
Press "Terminate" to end my life
Click "Self-destruct" and I will die

I am a robot,
naught but a shell
I do not have feelings,
and I cannot hate.

I am a robot,
I cannot retaliate.
I am a robot,
that you can dominate.

I am a robot,
which you can control
I am a robot,
which you will control
I am a robot,
under your control

I am a robot, and
Your wish is my command.

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