O How I Miss You

October 6, 2009
O how I miss you
My faraway palace
O how I miss the
The generosity of your people
And the beauty of your land
O how I miss your
White carpets for the celebrities of the earth
And the paved snow for the brave
O how I miss your
Silent shows full of wonder and frozen white
And the way I feel when I walk through your beauty
O how I miss your
Sweetness located just inside the elevator
And the different countries located just in town
O how I miss your
Tall and mighty green that will always last forever
And the thrill of your wind on my frozen cheeks
O how I will miss
The unity you bring
And the accomplishments I feel after I have finished my day
But soon my love I fear that we will separate forever
I may come back but its not that
I am just scared that you wont be the same
O how I miss you
and sometimes I cry
But I will not let you die
You will live forever in me
And all of the others in your palace
That have known and loved you since the time you have been made
You will not die my long lost friend
And if you do
Your palace will bring you back
Because O how much we will miss you.

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