The Questions

October 6, 2009
By DarrellR BRONZE, Houston, Texas
DarrellR BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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She and I were sitting in the sunset painted grass,
With no worries in mind.
She then turned to me and asked,
“Do you care for me?”
I responded to her,
“Are not the skies blue and the earth green?”
She answered, “Yes, but do you care for me?”
I responded to her,
“Do the fish swim and do the birds fly?”
She answered again, “Yes, but do you care for me?”
I then said this to her,
“Until the sky is no longer blue and the earth no longer green
The fish no longer swim and the birds no longer fly,
Then that is when I will stop caring for you.”
We turned again towards the dying sun,
The sky was full of colors that dazzled the eyes.
Again she turned to me,
But with tears in her eyes.
She said, “Look the sky is no longer blue, and the earth is no longer green,
The birds have all landed and the fish have all went to sleep.
Is this when you will stop caring for me?”
I then took her by the hand and stood her up,
We walked down to the beach with the stars under our head.
I said look up to the stars and count them,
Then I said look down at the sand and count the grains.
For as many grains of sand and stars in the sky,
Their numbers can’t compare to how much I care for you
And how much you mean to me.

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