October 6, 2009
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And I run
Through the forest
Running with glee
Red, orange, yellow
Colors spinning in a blur
The world seems like a canvas
The shapes twisting past me
Finally I fall on a red, orange, yellow bed
With a crunch falling so free

And I ponder
I ponder what to do in this strange place
A magic forest in which I can do anything
I watch the leaves dancing around me happily
Welcoming me joyfully like a king
The wind directs the leaves blend on the ground
The ground is painted by the emotions of my heart
The trees grow from the depths of sorrow

And I see
The sun is setting behind my forest
It truly becomes so magic
At this time I cannot tell if it is my imagination or it is real
As it gets dark the leaves bid me farewell
The whole forest pouts at my leaving
A forest were anything is possible

A blank canvas is waiting for just a bit
Of imagination

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