October 6, 2009
By TinyDaisy GOLD, Flat Rock, Michigan
TinyDaisy GOLD, Flat Rock, Michigan
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I dream of somewhere where the diners never close
and the fluorescent lights never dim.

Where speakers whisper goodnights
and holler joyful wakeup calls.

A room where the walls are covered in post-it notes
that together hold all the information one would ever need.

Where old friends are free to say "hello"
and never forget each other's birthdays.

Where colorful works of art from a spraycan
paint the perimeter of every building.

Where poems engulf the pages of every textbook
and lectures are adventures to distant lands.

Where wandering children write each other poems
that actually mean something.

Where newspaper headlines all begin with "Good News!"
and love bursts from every pageturn.

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