October 6, 2009
By TinyDaisy GOLD, Flat Rock, Michigan
TinyDaisy GOLD, Flat Rock, Michigan
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Buy, Buy, Buy
You are not human.
You are a consumer.
Digest these lies
like the child you are.
I was born into this,
you were not,
so feed off of what is told
and lick up every drop
of the revolting grub
that drips from my lips.

Sell, Sell, Sell
You are just a mindless sheep.
You are not human.
You are a consumer.
We shall make you our livestock,
feeding you our most tasteful of untruths
and gaining all the trust your little heart can dish out,
so we may crash it down through the floorboards
once our goal is reached.

Buy, Buy, Buy
What is it that you want?
I will tell you exactly that
and you will get on your knees and bow.
Oh, I'm wrong?
Now let's not discuss that.
This is what you need
Adjust your gaze upon me and avoid the falsities
the media has spoon-fed you,
my dear consumer,
because they want you to reform!
Come to me and be my rebel angel,
or so Milton says.
Become a follower,
Become my zombie,
and become my precious rebel,
just like everyone else.

Sell, Sell, Sell
Oh no, I'm not a wolf in sheep's clothing.
I am your leader,
I am your savior!
Fall to your knees and I shall tell you what you want.
You are not human.
You are a consumer.

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