Changes: An Examination of the Seasons

October 6, 2009
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An elderly woman runs a hand up and down the side of her face in an attempt to smooth out the unsightly wrinkles in that location. Giving up, she retreats to her window, observing the gorgeous flower buds as they spring up from the wet dirt.

Thoughts of fresh green grasses and vivid gardens cause an astronaut to leap off of the face of the moon and, hopefully, reach his beloved Earth. He fails, the lack of gravity pulling him towards infinite empty space.

A girl plucks a crisp red leaf from the sidewalk. A pot of watercolor nearby, she runs delicate brushstrokes across the rumpled surface of the discarded foliole; she much preferred the trees when they were green.

Plummeting flakes of white douse a man's newly-built fire. Shivering, he lights a match in hopes of reviving the flame, but his surroundings are smothered with a blanket of blanched powder. The man holds his knees to his chest, awaiting the inevitable frostbite.

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