The Judgemental

October 6, 2009
Showered in designer jewelery, clothes and handbags
A slim torso set precisely on top a pair of mile long legs
Her blond highlighted hair is draped along her shoulder blades
Glowing green eyes, a beauty mark placed above her flawless glossed lips
She is the reason girls envy, and the reason your boyfriends cheating
The prep, the girl who thinks everyone wants to be her.

A smooth golden tan hugs his bulging biceps
His deep brown eyes compliment his dark hair perfectly
He is dressed in light washed destroyed Abercrombie & Fitch denim
Along with a tightly fitted jersey that reads “Trojans” across the chest
Granted special privileges from being star quarter back and coach's son
The jock, the cocky guy who gets away with everything.

A pair of black frames fit his acne covered face
Ballpoint pens and calculators fill his polo and jean pockets
He holds a stack of books tight against his pounding chest
Chicken legs are balanced on top of a pair of white socks and sandals
His arms and legs are bruised from being thrown into lockers
The nerd, the boy who is the future Harvard graduate.

Dark makeup covers her eyelids and slim lips
She is dressed in black from the roots of her hair to the nails on her toes
Chains cling against the legs of the chair as she arrives late to class
Dirty looks are personally delivered to each of her peers
Open wounds are exposed when she reviles her wrist and forearms
The goth, the one who supposedly is carrying a voodoo doll of you.

Our minds take these teen images and warp them to become negative
Never do we stop to think about one another, and who they really are
Maybe the prep's glossed lips hide a shattered smile
Or the nerd's bruised body is from his family, and not the students
Guilty high school students who torture each other on being different
We are the judgmental, the reason there are stereotypes.

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kiwi12 said...
Dec. 28, 2009 at 2:43 pm
wow. seriously, this is... well, true, practically.
dancechick2013 said...
Oct. 26, 2009 at 9:36 am
hmm, delaney loves brittney(;
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