You and I

October 5, 2009
Would you stay,
to help me through,
or simply to lay,
next to me, as for comfort,
in this world,
this bitter life,
where warmth is rare,
and where connection,
is vital,
so please,
could you remain,
with one so cold,
as to touch the days sky,
and to see the sun shiver,
as to hold snow,
and feel warmth,
could you remain,
with one so ignorant,
to help a single life,
to stay, as just such,
and alive,
to be there,
for my fall, and rise,
to laugh and cry,
with one so tired,
so longing,
for company,
so please,
stay for me,
and we will walk,
into the dusk,
in unity,
and in company,
of none but each other.

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