Sucker For Love

October 5, 2009
By Anonymous

You didn't have me at hello
You had me at the sight of your eyes, your hair
Dark and mysterious
Eighth grade crush,
Turned into ninth grade heartbreak
I loved you, you crushed me

You were my world,
My everything
My life, my light
I thought about you day and night

Then you rejected me,
didn't even look at me as you turned me down
I cried as you let me realize
How insignificant I was to you

But now, four years later from the moment I fell for you,
I'm better
We're friends
You remember none of it,
I remember it all
But it's okay
I'm moving on

The author's comments:
I called this sucker for love because that is what I am. I swear I go through this with a guy at least twice a year. But I'm maturing and learning now so hopefully things will get better. When will I learn? Constructive critisim please. I'm new to this help me out please. =] Oh yeah, I chose this picture because that's how guys make me feel sometimes

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