October 5, 2009
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Take my hand,
And we will walk through the quiet pastures,
Clearing white fences along the way.

I will show you the metal dragon,
All lizard green
With rusted golden edges
That set on wheels like giant boulders.

I will climb inside,
And start its engine rumbling,
And you will follow us into the Ohio sea,
Watching how it rakes, it plows,
So light and practiced.

And with leaded hearts
We will leave it there,
Turn off the stars,
And bid it

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Audrey M. said...
Jun. 2, 2011 at 9:39 am
I like this a lot! Although I feel as though "lizard green" isn't a very good description of the colour. Personally, I don't get an idea of what colour green it is - is it bright green? dark green? olive drab? chartreuse? lime? Overall I think it's really great with a lot of imagery. Great job! Keep it up.
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