Hide and Seek

October 5, 2009
By lO_oveJay GOLD, Rock Hill, South Carolina
lO_oveJay GOLD, Rock Hill, South Carolina
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on the outside
you see smiles and assume all is well
no on dares look deeper
deep down where
you can see in sharp detail the ruins of her heart
no one dares
put their trembling hand out to reach
their deaf ear down to listen
their blind eye inside to see
their useless minds in gear to suspect
no one dares try to find the hurt
locate the searing pain
discover the heart-felt suffering search out the bleeding wound
rescue the irreparable damage
satisfied with the well composed outer shell
she must hide it so well that no one even begins to seek it out
that no one can see it just behind her deep mahogany eyes
the ice is breaking
her perfect smile falters
her placid expression crumbles
hurt now hides in plain sight
but no one sees
no one hears
no one feels
so no one comforts
not in light nor darkness
does one being attempt to seek out the pain
attempt to assuage the mahogany-eyed girl
no one will engage
no one dares join in the childs play
no one has time or hide and seek

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