Demise of the Varlet

October 5, 2009
By Meixly SILVER, Brookline, New Hampshire
Meixly SILVER, Brookline, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
Little moth, let's burrow.
The cacophonious shudder of your wings
slits the flesh of the decaying tome.
Have you the slightest inclination?
Your nature be of the mellowest sorrow.

Seek guidance:
none be’est known.
Seek wisdom:
corruption enthralls.
Seek piety:
withdraw your senses.
Seek freedom:
stones be thrown.
You preach peace,
you wage war.
How can honor be your way
when it is us you mistreat?
Suppression of intellect, censoring philosophy.
Will a minder truly solve your problems?
They will not.
I will not.
Nor will you,
for in secret you fear
no solution exists.
Your cause is dying.
Will you save it?

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