The Rainbow Book

October 5, 2009
By A_writers_Beauty SILVER, Hanover, Massachusetts
A_writers_Beauty SILVER, Hanover, Massachusetts
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Her Hands stroked the book’s pages

And her eyes flickered to each line.

Her eyes glistened in the light
She brushes the hair from her face
Her kind attaches itself to the story
She’s trapped in it.
Her hand writes down words.
But they have meaning to her,
Each word was life.
Read more…
Reading and writing is her passion.
The words remained in her mind.
She reads the book…
And faster
Until she can’t stop
She can’t even look up
When the teacher calls her name.
The words become sentences
And her mind becomes curious.
She looks up now,
Into her teachers eyes.
She opens her mouth and says,
I’m Reading.
But the teacher doesn’t understand the real words she’s speaking.
It’s more than just reading.
More important
It’s life
It’s inspiring
It’s life changing.
It’s just…
That simple.
The Rainbow Book

The author's comments:
I got the idea for this because i wanted people to know what i felt when i was reading or writing. I may read and write alot, and it's because i feel inspired by these books.

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