This Little Light of Mine

October 5, 2009
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A slender ray of prevailing light broke through the vast expanse of the clouds above
Its luminosity created a puddle of radiance conquering the darkness on the ground below
Shattered in its depravity, the dusk sought refuge among the feeble and lifeless shadows
Great and powerful is the light from the Son; it dwells ubiquitously and envelops all with radiance

Mellowed on a branch and chirping an innocent tune, a dove portrays the epitome of purity
A slivering fiend reigning at the trunk meanders in ascension while hissing a strain of corruption
The serpent unbolts its fangs in the most vicious manner ready to incarcerate the prey in a mighty clasp
While the dove fluently soars away leaving its prowler subject to gravity and openmouthed in the escape

A dark green storm trampled through a booming sky and blew over the horizon with excessive violence
Anticipating destruction from this malign storm, many families were gathered around the hearth fire praying for peace
The augmenting monster rolled over the hillside and sprinted like a predator toward the homes it craved to molest
Moments from the frontier, the storm’s ambiance changed, and the dissipated tempests left the families unscathed

A desolate flame wafts in the wind wanting to remain burning upon its wick lit with valiance
The wind blows persistently a cool breeze that cascades over the flickering flame forcing it to become frail
Fighting the wind’s efforts, the flame feeds off of its own heat and awaits the next zephyr at victory
Despite the intensity of each cold breath, a residing courage would hold fast, and the flame could not be vanquished

With Him a brilliant glow has the power to burst through the heavy mist and dense fog of human life
The shade always tries to overshadow the light, but He will forever prevail even after the release of death
From the shadows, a dark creature remains lurking and attempts to corrupt everything with its obscurities
Great and powerful is the light from the Son; it dwells ubiquitously and envelops all with radiance

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clark0754 said...
Jan. 12, 2010 at 12:42 pm
I love it so much! Very very beautiful and heartfelt. ♥
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