Miss the Dark

October 5, 2009
The light from my cell phone as it texts that I miss you
Is the only light around, and I use it to guide my way,
I know you won’t believe me,
You never do any more, and that’s my fault I suppose,
You can’t believe anything I say because of all the false promises,
(I can’t call them lies because I did mean them),
But it makes no difference to you what they are,

It’s hard for me to even recognize the crying broken boy
That I once saw, that you still claim to be
When you’re surrounded by friends, laughing, and smiling,
I don’t get that smile anymore, not your real one,
Not the one you used to give me,
Now when I look, with hurt blurry vision, into your face,
Searching for who I’ve miss placed,
I get the plastic one with false teeth,
The one that’s just for show,
That you get from the back
When you don’t want to use up the good ones,
Something in me stings when I see it,
When I realize that’s all I deserve from you anymore,
When I see it is wish I could break down
Right there in first period economics
And cry all over your new shirt,
Until you have no choice but to believe me,
Believe that I still think about you whenever it rains,
That I wish we were still aloud to understand each other like we used to,
That I still have that pink envelope of notes you’ve given me under my bed,
That I believe as much as you do
That what we had was magic,
That I miss you,
I miss you.
When it disappears,
Everything is dark.

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