Those Few Seconds in Time

October 8, 2009
Sitting in the car with windows down,
I stare out into the night in deep thought.
As the cool air sweeps through my loose brown hair,
I am captivated in the moment.

The slow country music playing in the background
holds the main ideas to my thoughts.
And with passing headlights of oncoming cars
I think about the boy sitting next to me.

I sense his brown eyes staring at me
As he sings the song off key
Intending every line
to hit me directly.

His voice is soft, but I can still hear
the faint notes rolling off his lips
And as he slides over across the back seat
the warmth of his body engulfs me.

His arm moves around me
and acts as a comforter
that embraces my body with security.
And while his hand moves gently down my arm
it finds its perfect home - the spaces between my fingers.
And the hurt, pain, and anger seem to melt away
with every passing second.

In his arms all my troubles had vanished
as if the world held no evil
And with the music still playing, he leaned over
and kissed the side of my forehead.

I closed my eyes to soak it all in
and in that very moment,
That brown-eyed boy had stolen my heart
for those few seconds of time.

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