October 7, 2009
His voice plays
the sweetest love song
ever written
upon my
heart strings.

I sigh and swoon and paradox
at the lovely sound.

I can fly but
cannot seem to move
not that i'd want to
leave this place
this moment
for anything

I can see
but he's simply
in an incredibly
sort of way
that is.

I can hear
but the world is muted
totally and completely
at this time
in history
no - wait -
in my story.

Yet my pulse
- throbbing in
my ears -
is utterly deafening.

I can talk
but speech does
not come so
I stutter.
Struggle to
discover the
perfect words
rather than
settling for less
and I'm already
losing the ones
that I had
in mind.
Pretty sure I
look like a
bambling fool
or a
rambling idiot
or an
imparied moron.

He pulls this act
off flawlessly.
Forcing me to wonder
"is it really an act
at all?"

False hopes.
Fake dreams.
Empty wishes.
A vacant future.

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