My Ode to Four

October 5, 2009
The forest and mountains,
I live for you.
The grass, rocks, and trees:
so old but so new.
Material, strength,
the direction North.
A pentacle lies
to come and bring forth.

Oceans and rain,
we cry for you now.
Bringing life to this planet:
your triangle down.
Emotions and divination,
you stand for my sign.
Falling around me,
your chalice divine.

Burning volcanoes,
fires of old.
Creation and Destruction:
the stories you hold.
Love, sex, and anger.
The south pyre burns.
As I raise my wand to you,
the Wheel of Fire turns.

Eastern breezes
fill both of our lungs.
I light the incense
and hear the song that he sung.
Thoughts of and travel,
I feel your soft touch.
I draw with my athame,
for breathing's your crutch.

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Veritytrue said...
Oct. 15, 2009 at 5:11 pm
Awesome job! I like the theme and style. Keep it up!
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