in the space between the letters

October 4, 2009
By Anonymous

when we lose ourselves where do we go?

do we go around the corner?
or in the crack beneath the door?
do we hide amongst the stars?
or the tip jar in the corner store?
do we slip and slide
and sneek and hide
in the shadows of the world?
are we the boogeyman at night?
or the wind that takes the kite?
the whispers behind their backs?
or the secrets that make things crack?
whohowwhat are we,
when we lose ourselves in a moment of silence?
in the words of the poet?
or the velvets of the music?
in the capture of a moment?
in the arms of a lover?
are we the shadows on the floor?
the slam of a closed door?
or do we
*p o o f*
where nothing can exist
and we lose ourselves

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