depression can be a scary thing

October 4, 2009
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Her world started collapsing in on her, her happy family was shattered into a million pieces brought on by a divorce. The brother she used to call her own was too busy inhaling substances that would soon be the death of him. She start drifting from all of the things that she once knew and loved. Even the things that used to bring comfort to her soul. Every night little droplets of salt water would streak down her face. She began to feel like a failure because she used to be so strong, so put together and free. She would fly above the crowd in a room, now everything seems to be slipping out of her grasp, school, grades, friends. It all began to get a little fuzzier for her. A few people stopped to ask her what could possibly be wrong with the girl who used to be so put together. Instead of accepting their help she would push them away, shoved their care in a dark corner to be forgotten. She began to feel as if she couldn’t seep any lower, she would say that she could feel the rock bottom beneath her. She tried to rid of her rambling thoughts, tried to comfort herself with a new life but a voice and a set of hands reached out to her farther than any of the others did. The hands of a best friend. She felt so far gone that she decided to grasp onto these hands, let them guide her to somewhere more alive and well. she let them pull her out of the darkness and into the light. You could tell she could now feel the light on her face, you could see that sparkle in her eyes. She started to piece everything together bit by bit, started to accept some things for the way they were meant to be. She started to get her life back. She began to gain her strength and feeling back. You could see her start to smile more and it was all thanks to the set of hands that helped her and kept pushing through to get to her. If it wasn’t for that person she might not be standing where she is now, happy and free. Which is why I am proud to be that person who helped her through everything.

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