for the right of the people

October 4, 2009
By Kayce SILVER, Sumter, South Carolina
Kayce SILVER, Sumter, South Carolina
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For the Right of the People

The time has come for us
To fight for what is
Rightfully ours
But who will lead us
Who will lead us to
The promise land
The government has wrongfully
Lead us astray
Making us believe the lies
Of those not willing
To tell the truth
To cover up the fabrications
That utterly clings on
Our very beings
Making us live the lives
That we are now
We must fight
But who will join me
In the war
Of the immoral doing
The war of the tarnished
We must band together
To bring down
Those rulers that sit
Upon our backs
Basking in our toil
Treating us like
The worthless scum
That they want us to be
I ask you
Are you scum
Are you that
Worthless being that
Mindlessly does the work
Of the mighty
I say not
That is why
We must band together
And rid of ourselves
Of the thorn that
Hinders us
In a way that
Makes life
We must defeat
Those around us that
Wishes to silence
Our voices

To uphold our rights
As individual people
To crush us in
Their grasp
To break us down
Into nothing
I will not stand
For this any longer
For the right of the people
We must fight

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