Clandestine Carolin

October 3, 2009
Carolin is paper thin,
But she could care less…
There are to many struggles, to much stress
To be her very best.
She humbly walks among gray roads,
She hides between the day,
Casting her lovely pains away,
Sending her wonderful trouble astray.
How does she do it?
Where does she go?
That is her solid secret we must not know,
for she is very shallow.
Carolin is paper thin,
But she doesn’t realize…
There is deception behind her innocent eyes,
Only silent words of lies.
Her beauty is menacing, crows willingly sing.
Her mind is stricken, blurry and blacken.
Her being is of absent truth, draining out its youth.
Carolin, oh, Carolin…
What happen to you?

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