The Fatal Escape

October 3, 2009
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You've joined us
In the box full of lies and deceit
Where everything is alright
Because everyone is ignorant

The people around us each
Make this up
Their lies filling the void
Lies of love, lies of caring

We've run into this before
The wall that blocks
But everytime one small chunk
Falls and crumbles

What lies within us
Scares you away
To a place of deep rot

Babbling about the loss of hope
When all of us know it's true
We are all liars

Liar, running fast don't look back
Before they ruin you
Holding tight every night
Afraid to let go

And no one cares
'Cause you're the same
Decaying organic matter
As the walls surrounding us

Nothing has changed
Except the illusion
Of self-worth

It's hard to take
But when it's all you have
You run with it
Into the night

All they find of you
Is a line of dreams
Leading no where
You've made the escape

The fatal escape
That twists and burns
Into the lies explode
And the truth is found

The world will never see
What really was
We all took the poison
The lie the sweet liquor made

those who don't know
Are full of lust
Those who know
Aare full of disgust

Fueled by the fury
You cannot see
You don't know

All that could be
All that was
And all that is
An endless life
You can't miss

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