Glass Girl

October 3, 2009
By aznlitchick BRONZE, Sykesville, Maryland
aznlitchick BRONZE, Sykesville, Maryland
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She insists her heart is made of ice
Cold and hard and unbreakable
But if you dropped it from your hand
It shatters to crystal shards
She cannot laugh and will not cry
She can only lash out at the world
Rage and pain are etched into her
And darkness consumes her light
In a desperate attempt to protect herself
She rejected the world and hid
Inside a shell of her former self
Behind a mask of anger
No one gets close without being hurt
Her body is broken glass
She doesn’t care whether she cuts others
Or wounds herself instead
She bears all her burdens alone
And their weight drags her to the ground
But deep down in what's left of her heart
The unspoken struggles to break free
The truth is that she longs for people
To listen and understand
To look at her without judging
And love her despite her flaws
So though she may be shattered glass
On the floor in a thousand pieces
Maybe it takes only one person
To fix what had been so badly broken

The author's comments:
At first glance, you may not see any "Glass Girls" around, but if you look closely, i'm sure that you will find one. Anyone can be a Glass Girl, maybe not physically, but mentally. Reach out to them, because sometimes, a little kindness is all that they're looking for.

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