October 3, 2009
By SweetPoeticAngel SILVER, North Miami Beach, Florida
SweetPoeticAngel SILVER, North Miami Beach, Florida
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Karma's Like A Game Of Soccer,Kick It To Me And I'll Kick It To Someone Else

In the beginning you were charming and sweet
You would talk & listen to me for hours
Nothing could seperate us not even a rainy shower
I loved you & you said you loved me too
The long walks in the park
The foot rubs & passionate kisses that we shared
Was it all a dream?
Or was it reality of a punk trying to fake me
So later he could show me what he was really about
Because he knew my heart was all in and I couldn't just walk away & leave
I had to get back my keys to my heart
After being torn & bruised
I found out you were the one who would actually lose
When you lost me
Now you think I would come back because you & I both know I still love you like that
But it's not that easy
Now I really can't walk away because there's a baby involved & yes it's here to stay
But no I won't join you as one
You deny us anyway
Then you wanna holla about "Chill baby be breezy"
Yeah but you strokin my cookie seemed easy
Boy please this B.S right here i don't need
Me & my baby will be just fine
In the finest as we wind & dine
I'll still be looking my finest as you participate to your tribute
Of course I'll be my kindest
Then you'll say we should give it another chance
I'll use that famous line
"Chill baby be breezy"
Laughin in your face will be real easy
Yeah I'm here to stay but getting with you will not do
I refuse to once again be your fool!

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