I hope you understand

October 3, 2009
I hope you understand
That I love you
And you weren’t supposed
To be tangled up in this mess
Like a butterfly
Caught in a spider’s web

I hope you understand
That I’m the one that will stick by you
And catch you when you fall
I’m the one who will fold you in my arms
When the rain patters against your windowpane
And the sun slips behind the horizon

I hope you understand
That this isn’t your fault
I crossed a line, and it ended up hurting you
I wish I could take everything back
And yet no matter what
You would have gotten hurt

I hope you understand
That I’m so sorry
Each night the stars shine like your eyes
And as I lay next to you
I trace your face in the night sky
And over and over I whisper that you are beautiful

I hope you understand
That this is going to end
And we’ll be free again
And you’ll be able to trust again
You can smile
And not punish yourself for it

As for me
It’s not easy to forgive
And I’m never going to forget
I know that you are the only person
I will ever trust again
I hope you understand

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