New Life

October 2, 2009
Like a wilting flower, she was lifeless.
Color was appaling and light disturbing.
Nothing could sustain her.
Her eyes were focused on all the shame around.
She didn't think there was hope for life.
Waiting for her time to end,
Death was calling while the earth was screaming.
The cold grip of death embraced her.
There was no plea for life.
Suddenly her eyes saw what they had never seen.
And her heart had never felt.
She wanted to know this dreamer.
Feeling the desire to live, laugh, and love;
She smiled and lived for the first real time.
Her life began at the end.

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shewritessilently said...
Nov. 4, 2010 at 9:55 pm
Wow! This poem is AMAZING! The meaning behind it is beautiful, live life to the fullest...even if you didn`t before. Great use of words too, awesome!
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