Who Am I?

October 2, 2009
I am me
I am you
I am he, she, we
Who am I?
Take your pick
A simple guess
In a little mess
And somewhere in there
You’ll find what we share

In truth I am a tidy mess
I am an unknown phenomenon
In a bright shadow
Of sweet contradictions
I am flawed perfection
The same and yet completely different
From the rest of the world

I’m a misplaced road
Anxious to be found
May I ask?
Will you find me?

I’m another work in progress
With too many expectations
And not enough limitations
I care too much
And yet I find myself thinking
I don’t care enough
At times I just want
To be new again
A different being
With a mind moving
And melting
With the marvelous making of a genius

I am…nothing
Or maybe everything
Who knows?

So have you decided yet?
Who am I?

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