"The Way I Feel"

October 2, 2009
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Its no competition just the way I feel
Don't need money or trophes for being real
This is me in the fles
Me in the blood
Yes me on this paper flowin' off My pencil
My words ain't no stencil not
Jockin' nobody for their style
Or their swagg don't get mad
Cause i'm only being me
Freely allowing every word from
Within seep out of my skin so
Once again let me say
Its no competition, just the way
I feel.You think it's cool to
Show off what you got? Maybe
You think you got a lot. Not!
You bathe in your materials while I
Shower in my tub of real.I have more
And maybe that's what you deplore.Bon't hate on me just hate On my real,real self
And once again that's just the way I feel
Confident not cocky,I shine brighter than the sun
Haters feel I'm hot so for
Cool shelter they run
I'm no threat I'm not mean,don't Have horns and my eyes aren't dark
Green,so what do you fear?
Is it something you lack?Is it
My REAl?
I don't know and I don't care
That's just the way I feel

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