it's hard to say goodbye

October 2, 2009
By S.2.B.T.S. GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
S.2.B.T.S. GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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strive to do/be your very best. you are what you think you are.

leaving everything behind
missing everything that you ever created....

it's hard to say goodbye.

what should you say to those that you love
what about all the hard work and effort that you ever done....

It's ahrd to say goodbye.

gotta move to a new place
it feels like your brand new
you had to change and do your best....

it's hard to say goodbye.

sooner or later
you get use to the new area
you meet friends and you swind up loving it and if you ever wanted to leave it'll be back to where you came from....

it's hard to say goodbye.

then you get the news
telling you that you have to move....

your wondering where
you have no clue
you've just got here
and you dont wanna leave....

it's hard to say goodbye.

so finallyy see what the new place looks like
you get this feeling
its not gonna work
you check it out
you see the area that you in
you start to cry
whishing that you can go back to where you came from....

it's hard to say goodbye

but sooner or later you won't have to cry
you'll be back....

and then it wont be hard to say goodbye

The author's comments:
it's based on my life
and my feelings
and what others go to

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