October 2, 2009
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It’s that special thing you wish to return to all day long.
The comfortable place where you rest your head.
You’re our personal sanctuary from the worst times.
The place where one comforts themselves from the most horrible of times.
Where the tears fall from the puffy eyes, red as cherries.
When that special boy breaks that little girl’s heart,
That one object that will always stand by.
The same object that can hurt and save you at the very same moment,
Can be your very best friend when no one else seems to care.

Like a tissue for those waterfall tears.
You squeeze it tight like a teddy bear, the closest thing you have.
You know it’s your closest friend when that initially white pillow slowly turns black.
Wishing you could hold it forever,
knowing it could only help having something so close.
Squeezing your pains away, praying for a new day.
You hold it and wish for all things to fade away.
The only one that will never judge.
Never tell you that you’re wrong,
Will label you, or put you down.
Always there to hug you back when nothing else seems to matter.
That special thing that will always be present.

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