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my house

October 2, 2009
By jeanines GOLD, Stony Point, New York
jeanines GOLD, Stony Point, New York
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"the only thing to fear, is fear itself."- theodore roosevelt

I walk pass the front door
With its glass sparkling, like snow flakes falling outside
I see my sister’s old shoes,
Scuffed from when we would play outside
The shoe laces in a tangle because my dog had chewed on them
She’s been wearing those shoes for too many years
The black and white faded into colors I can’t make out

In the kitchen
I spot dirty dishes
Big and small
Each size for a different child
Every platter with its own mess
There from the night before

My dog Buttons lying next to the kitchen
His mushroom shaped nose, and his fluffy fur
He thinks he is a guard dog but he’s just a little shitz-tsu

Now standing on the second floor
It is winter on the mountain
I look down to see the beauty outside
Thick sheets of snow cover the sledding tracks,
And the snow angels made the day before
Our little footprints lost in the winter night
White trees surround the houses
The drive way so filled with snow
These troubles always happened on the mountain
Every winter

Down the grand stair case
Tiny hand prints on the wall beside it
When we run up the stairs to play
The dirty signatures of brothers and sisters

I spot my favorite painting
The one with the ocean in it,
Waves that flowed evenly,
Clouds that looked as soft as pillows
A small name stands alone in the corner
My dear old grandmother’s,
She painted it with her own hands

Today I remembered that winter morning
For now everything is gone,
Our house sits in darkness,
Silent for all who come
Our dog with another family
But as I walk through my house this one last time
I know all my memories will soon fade
And I will one day call this

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece about my old house. and almost every thing in it is true, even the ending.

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