A Scent Lavender

October 2, 2009
By , New City, NY
A Scent of Lavender
White and soft with the scent of lavender,
As your heart breaks and the tears fly down,
A blanket of white catches the pain of lost love,
Or the sorrow of self- doubt.
It can wipe away the chill of a long winter’s day,

Or a small spill of hot chocolate.
With it’s warm surface and soft touch.
It feels you gently as you feel it back.
In your hands you sense it already absorbing the tears away.
As you dry the tears it whispers to you.

It’s your perfect friend who will always be there,
And at the same time never has to ask what’s wrong.
It’s been dampened by all the tears of the world.
It knows how you’re feeling without questioning.
It’s touch on your face

soothes you as you drift away into tears.
It saves you from those days of sobbing in you room alone.
You know that your true friend is white with a scent of lavender.
A friend that will stay forever
In your heart and soul.

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