Poisoned Chocolate

October 1, 2009
By emilyli202 PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
emilyli202 PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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My heart bleeds memories I've yet to find,
My mind seeks time I've left behind,
My hands hold shell spun long ago,
Those eyes weep back "I do not know".
Black chocolate drips, its poison thick,
To soothe and please, with care so slick.
Butter moons look back with worry,
And see hands stained with darkened hurry.
Oh woe is I to hold this prize,
Think nothing of, these chocolate skies.
When all is lost, and all is gone,
My heart still bleeds, a crimson swan.
So delicate in the night so parched,
My hands reach out, and feel no rush.
I ease into this wonderland,
With a dress of gold, I feel so grand!
My mind seeks not, there is no hurry!
I lay down on my bed of blurry,
And drift into a windowless dream,
And see the chocolate oozing thick,
Bleeding down the panes of glass.
My legs can't run,
I'm struck, for fun?
Wind rips hair of mine behind,
But move I can't, I'm left behind!
Paralyzed, am I,
Oh woe of me to hold this prize!
It thickens down my sore red throat,
And lures me to its' poison boat.

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