Shrunken Heart

October 1, 2009
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Tears, they stain my cheeks for numerous reasons,
Too many reasons for you to count.
You'll need more than two hands to count upon your fingers.
And think you'll sound like a genius when you give me an answer.

Reason Number One: I'm trapped.
I'm closed in from the world.
The same events constantly happening over and over again.
Trapped on this roller coaster of twisted emotions.

Reason Number Two: I'm lost.
I'm running around in circles, not knowing what to do.
I run into a wall, blocking me off from society.
Lost, having no knowledge of where I am and when I'm there.

Reason Number Three: I'm terrified.
I'm running from the fear that keeps haunting me.
It's haunting me everywehere I go, with everything I do.
Terrified about being trapped, lost, and terrified.

Reason Number Infinity: I'm without you.
I look to my left and to my right, you're not there.
I see you when I close my eyes at night.
You- you're the one I miss. You and only you.

For these reasons, my heart is shrunken.
Those tears I cry, ache more and more every drop.
I cringe at the thoughts...
of having a shrunken heart.

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