I am a tree

October 1, 2009
I am a tree
Anger with morose feelings
Painful wounds which are not healing
Confusion that questions me
Answers I can not see
Do what's best, or follow your heart
Stay for good, or drift apart
You want to live your life and be free
You’re like a seed sprouting into a tree
How tall or how beautiful, depends on you
It depends on your success and what you do
Be a good person and love everything
See all the hate and what it can bring
I see myself right now, a tiny tree
Everyone else towering over me
There beauty of fruit and flowers
Make my fruit look tiny and sour
I still am deciding on what to do
I know my options are very few
But I’m sick of going through stress
My life is an unorganized mess
Everyday day I ask god and the moon
And I know my answer will come soon

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