What's in peoples' hearts...

October 1, 2009
---Broken promises, Lyrics
to those
songs I want him to sing to me.
---My weird obsession for Watermelon.
---The need of snowmobiling
and to
feel the wind make my
eyes water
but not caring at all.
---The regrets of those
stupid, stupid
guys and me wanting them to be
mine, all mine.
---The thirst making tears
I've held
so deep inside.
---My so many fears that
I dare
to dream about.
---The wrenching thought
of my
family I've lost.
---The reason of why every time
I look
at photos I take, I get excited.
---My adrenaline rush I
get when
I dance.
---The way I feel when I'm
with him.
What I have told you is no where
near close to all my secrets,
dreams, likes, dislikes, or
wants but I promise it's not the
Just look harder and dig deeper
'cause one day, this broken, torn
and ripped heart of mine will
explode for you to catch all of
the pieces.
I have my deepest, darkest, most
hidden secret to share with you.
My heart is keeping a secret of
its own: it's going to shatter.

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