My Highway

October 1, 2009
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I’ll take a step and close my eyes,
Forget the hurt and all the lies,
I’ll disappear within myself,
No thoughts about my mental health,
I’ll lie alone without a fear,
I know you will not find me here.

And then I will depart once more,
To places I’ve not seen before,
On my highway, there is no sound,
There is no one as I look around,
Just me and all the world, I see,
Just how beautiful my life can be.

I think of all that’s still to come,
Of rainy days, and those with sun,
Of days inside with my good friends,
Friendships to make and those to mend,
Days in the park playing old games,
No two days looks exactly the same.

On my highway, I just seem to drive
Not sure what time I will arrive,
Not sure my final destination,
It’s such a strange and new sensation,
To not know my way or have a plan,
Take it back to where it all began.

A far away city, a star in the sky,
That feeling of warmth where I just want to fly,
Back when everything had to make sense,
Just playing along with the awful pretence,
That I was not lost, that I was just fine,
Now that I’m free, the choices are mine.

And I will make my life just as I please,
Every chance or wistful dream I seize,
I’m free from all your expectations,
I’ll choose my final destination,
And live forever in my dreams,
Where everything is how it seems.

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